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. live in fairfield tonight, lisa amin gulezian. abc7 news. >> ama: the city of oakland and the organizer of the popular arts festival will meet to discuss safety measures after a shooting killed one person. three more were injured at the first friday celebration on telegraph avenue. an 18-year-old was killed. a 17-year-old boy and two women are expected to survive. more than ten thousand people attended the event celebrating local artists. >>> we're just hours away from super bowl xlvii, and the excitement is brewing, both here and in new orleans. we have team coverage tonight. mike shumann is live in new orleans but we begin here in san francisco with abc7 news reporter john alston. >> we're here in one of the areas police are expecting crowds in addition to the mission, as welling a north beach. the plan is when the fans compiling out of bars, the federal people they see are the police. this is what happened last year after the world series. the next test for san francisco police will come tomorrow. the department will have more than 100 extra officers on duty. the chief is reminding p
to help fund police development the mayor laid out state of the city address tonight. here's lisa. >>reporter: san jose mayor was quick to set the tone for his annual state of the city address tonight. >> would i love to tell you i'm not going to talk about the budget tonight. wouldn't that be a pleasant change but the budget still our biggest challenge. >>reporter: even though there is a small surplus this year it's still not enough to beef up the city struggling police department. layoffs. low morale and pension reform should returning the department to under 1,000. >> my priority for the coming year is public safety. >>reporter: city crime rate has gone up. last year there were fre 46 homicides. high nest 20 years. mayor promises to add 200 officers over the next two years. but the police officers union wants more. >> people are looking for san jose to pay competitive wage for police officers. market rate is much less at any of the surrounding cities. >>reporter: so really get things back on track the mayor is suggesting a quarter tore half crept sales taichblingts
. the city of san francisco responded today to that cull and came together. the mayor police chief and district attorney were in the city to show their support. we good to the street party. ♪ . >> this song and dance in front of san francisco city hall is about much more than just a good time. >> this is gathering of 1 billion women and men and all those who love women to strike dance demand end to domestic violence. all forms of violence against women and girls. >> called 1 bill rising and it's a global day of action on this valentine's day. >> came up with a statistics of 1 in every 3 women will be beat raped mutt lateed in their life time and if there are 7 billion in the planet, that's about 1 billion. >> kerry from oakland experienced the veils. >> when i was in high school i was raped. and i felt lake hi nowhere to go and nobody to speak for me. so this is exciting. we have made progress. >>reporter: led by mayor ed lee. >> i am one of the 1 billion rising. >> i will make violence against women and girls a priority of our time. >>reporter: also making it a priority
at mission statement as they were going on. they were joined by sheriff deputies. they made 25 city wide for public drunkenness. there was also an incident of someone starting a fire at 16th and mission streets. officers quickly detained that person. and then police say there were situations of people throwing bottles at officers. sfpd quickly put a stop to that. >> we worked with the other city agent agencies and we are glad we were able to put our plan into place and make sure public safety is number one. unfortunately we did lose tonight and we want our fans to know that we are world class people with world class fans, and we want to show the world that we care about our city. >> the preliminary number is 25 arrests. they should be able to released the final numbers tomorrow or the day after. live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian so much. and sky 7hd has been checking out the scenes across san francisco tonight. right now looking above the mission. >> we have been flying all over the city since the game ended just making sure we had our eye on any trouble
in the bay area where in the past few weeks at least 10 cities have been hit by burglars or home invasion robbers. ama dates is in belmont live with the tricks the thieves are using to hit homes now. ama? >> the trick is by no means sophisticated, but it tells the burglar no one is home, but today it goes as planned. >> it was 9:30 this morning on a quiet belmont street when an 86-year-old woman heard her door bell. >> it was a split level house and she was coming from an upper level and it took her awhile to get to the door. >> when she finally got to the door, no one was there. but she heard a sound in the basement and went to check it out. >> when she opened the door to the stirwell, the burglar was standing at the top of the stairs. both were surprised. she challenged him and asked what he was doing in her house and he turned and ran back down the stairs and fled from the house. >> the door bell was part of a ruse. one that was used in the area in the past few months. the department even put out this youtube video of what it might look like. >> if you answer they will be offering gard
the cause of death. they say the girl lived in sasoon city, but attended school in fairfield. >> they indicated that she had last been seen in the morning getting on a bus to go to school. normally she would return about 4:20 and she didn't. that's when they became concerned. >> early on police got a tip from this man who says he saw something strange as he drove by the park around 5:00 a.m. >> and i see a car parked on the parking lot facing in our direction here. and there was a large man standing in front of it. he was just standing there. it just looked odd to me. >> police say there were also two cameras, surveillance cameras on both ends of the park. what those cameras captured could solve this case. reporting live in fairfield, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. >>> twitter has been hacked. the san francisco company said 250,000 customers had e-mail addresses and pass words stolen. twitter canceled the pass words and is advising users on how to create new ones on its website. bank of america's on-line telephone and mobile banking services crashed big time today.
the couple. a $3,000 reward has been off erred. >> a tri-city gun buyback was so popular many people were left hanging on to guns they no longer wanted. the event involved palo alto, east palo alto, and menlo park. police paid hundred for hand guns and 300 for assault weapons. one man collected $1,400. >> a duck hunter, and i've been hunting since i was ten years old. a lot of these rifles and shotguns, we department use -- you don't use rifles for duck hunts but i also deer hunt. i just decided don't want to collect guns anymore. >> in palo alto, the group, protect the children, which raised the money for the buyback, held an antigun rally. the pa $2,000 collected was gone in two and a half hours, leaving many people in line what wanted to sell their guns. >> san francisco fire crews are credited with stopping a house fire that raced through this house. one person was rescued from the second level of the home and was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >>> let's head right to meteorologist leigh glaser for the check on weather
. >>> reserved seating only for the address to the city. it included the crime problem and the need for more than 200 officers. the police force is targeting the most violent people in the city. more civilians she says will be taking police reports so that officers can spend more time fighting crime. she says the newest, most diverse police academy is already in training. >> it means for 200 more officers basically $73 million for the budget. now what does that mean? >> it is going to take something big. it will probably take a tax measure. that's the kind of thing that we really need to talk about. >> quan did not talk about how much more they will have to shell out for more police officers. public safety makes up 50% of the city's budget. mayor quan says residents will have to make some tough decisions this year. >>> smoke filled the skies after a fire broke out in a home. the fire started around 5:20. one person was hurt, but the injuries appear to be minor we are glad to tell you. as you can see from sky 7hd, they had to cut holes to battle the fire. we the helicopter shots and we may get to
received when she was hit by a muni bus in daly city. her family called today and gave us the news. the woman was in the crosswalk at lake merced and john muir drive when she was hit by the back end of the bus. >>> the coast guard is conducting interviews to find out why a pleasure boat hit a packed ferry on san francisco bay. this was the boat in the storage yard. the two men on board were hospitalized. there are reports that the boat was traveling at a high rate of speed when it collided with ms san francisco. this is video and the service will run as normal tomorrow. it has been a spectacular weekend. a major weather change is on the way. abc7 news meteorologist leigh glaser is here with a first check on weather and what is happening outside right now. leigh? >> you better believe this weekend we were in the 60s and even low 70s. only in the 50s tomorrow. that's just the first change. live doppler 7hd is not showing any moisture out there yet. but by tuesday we are definitely going to be talking about the winter rains returning to the bay area. a beautiful shot out there. this i
, they are having a tough time competing with cash. he has lived in this foster city townhome for two years and is ready to buy a home in the south bea. he has been house hunting for seven or eight months and has taken the right steps. >> pre qualified. >> and he has his 20% down payment. the four or five offers have been rejected, and it turns out cash is key. >> the selling agent actually told us that we had the higher overall offer, but they took the cash offer because it was a quick close. >> it is a new phenomenon we are facing. >> he is president of the santa clara association of real fors and says there has been an increase of cash buyers in the bay area over the last several months. >> and it is not just first time buyers in the $400,000 range. it affects the 1 million and $2 million range. >> sellers like cash because there is less risk it will fall through. >> when you have 20 buyers that submit offers they will go with the least resistance. and usually least resistance is cash. >> it used to be downsizing empty nestors who paid cash, but now they are finding other ways to come up
for the ages is slamming the northeast. take a look. this is a live picture from new york city where you can see the snow piling up. it is all part of a massive storm pummeling the northeast including high winds and threats of flooding. the national weather service says up to three feet of snow could fall on new england before the end of the weekend 5,000 homes and businesses are without power with massachusetts and rhode island the hardest hit. a coastal flood warning is in affect from new york to main and governors in five states have already declared a state of emergency. >> this will allow us to implement emergency measures to ensure the safety of our residents and take appropriate steps to mobilize state assets. there are a thousand national guard members on duty now. we expect to build that up to nearly 5,000 over the course of the weekend. >> massachusetts took the rare step of banning most car travel on state roads. connecticut has closed state highways to all but emergency vehicles. and the northeast storm has forced more than 4700 flight cancellations and 83 of those were in and ou
of control. if you have one of these you have to see the story. what one big city is doing to catch the thieves. >> and then later on "jimmy kimmle live." >> andy sandburg and kelly rippa and the results of our valentine's day youtube challenge, a visit to the barber shop and i do battle with a two-year-old in basketball. i might be more competitive than i should be. >> stay with us. we will be >>> the fda has a new drug to fight breast cancer and the company that developed it says the drug is at the forefront of a new direction and treatment. doctors say the drug is like a smart bomb attacking only malignant cells and minute -- minimizing hair loss and sickness. the drug was developed by genentec and while the drug is specific to a certain type of breast cancer, similar treatments for other types of cancer are on the way. >>> the popularity of apple iphones and ipads is not limited to the people who buy them. they are big with thieves as well. and that's why the new york city police department is creating a special unit to track down stolen apple products. city officials say nearly
: city indoor pool the plunge has been at the entrance of the tunnel since 19 26. >> coming into town to this i have to take a detour but it's not serious. >>reporter: but getting to the other side could affect the pool upcoming open water swim to benefit youth swiming in richmond. >> it would be possible if the tunnel wasn't open by then it could make it more difficult. we may not see as many swimmers as we would hope. >>reporter: real inconvenience could be the cost to taxpayers. 750,000 dollar cosmetic job likely reach into the millions and it could climb even higher if they find more of those dangerous pockets above the tunnel. >> i wouldn't be surprised. i wouldn't be surprise have had there were more voids. >>reporter: the next step is to use a rid arrest device to look through the tunnel walls and see if this project is requesting to cost the city more time and more money. reporting live in richmond, abc 7 news. >> thanks very muchal help. >> take you live to bricking news happening right now on interstate 80. this is our camera in emeryville. see the flashing lights of p
injuries received when she was hit bay muni bus in daly city. the accident happened at 4:30. it involved the 1,846th avenue bus. the woman was hit by the back of the bus while in the in crosswalk. familiar lip members told us she is not expected to live past noon tomorrow and they signed a do not rhesus state form. >> one person is dade -- dead in a shooting at a barret -- bart station. officers found a man with a gunshot wound the head shortly before 5:00. oakland police are also investigating a fatal stabbing around 6:00 this morning. >>> there was a vigil tonight for man shot and killed in san francisco. 23-year-older necessary coe acosta was shot and killed last sunday. familiar my friend came together for a ceremony in, then they returned to the scene of the sheeting for a memorial service. >> want people to realize how much love this person had. how much love gave to everyone else, and we just want -- if needs anything, let -- if anyone knows anything, let us know. >> police are still trying to determine a motive for the crime. >>> new questions and concern in the south bay as the
near grande circle. it is a few miles from her home in sasoon city and four miles from the alan wit park where her naked body was discovered around sunrise on friday morning. her cousin has been here every day since making sure the candles stay lit while planning for a vigil on friday. >> it is an open community thing. we would like people to come and show support and would love the community to get together to prevent things like this from happening in the future to spread awareness. >> fairfield police released the identity of janelle conway alan, but did not reveal how she died. the 13-year-old was a foster child who attended green valley middle school in fairfield. counselors were working with students there. >> really depressing for everybody. everybody has been quiet and crying a lot. >> every kid in the school they cry and they missing her, the friends. >> the girl was last seen near railroad avenue in the city of sasoon late thursday afternoon. they hope these photos jog someone's memory and provide answers. >> i don't know. why would they kill her? >> police are planning a
of the first in a series of community meetings where the city's newly hired crime-fighting consulting firm was introduced. abc7 news reporter joining us now with details on this event. >> this afternoon's meeting is the first in a series at each meeting. the newly hired consulting firm will curb the consistant crime problems. >> he is the chairman of the strategic partnership. the detailed power point presentation was the main focus of the meeting. and one of the main strategies is dividing the city up that five geographic community policing districts. >> it is probably the most important thing this department can do to improve the quality of its policing in the neighborhoods. >> absent from this meeting was the former lapd chief bill bratton because of the controversy over his police strategies, he has taken a lower profile role in this process. but he did address the controversy. >> it is a valid, accepted, under the constitution practice. and it works fine with no controversy if officers are respectful of everybody they stop. >> a capacity crowd filled the 400 seats of the valley center
anthony is live in union city with new details. laura? >> reporter: this happened in the parking lot and a chain reaction collision this afternoon and six cars in all were damaged. police were saying a juvenile was driving a stolen car that started this whole thing. she and an 18-year-old companion are in jail. >> we were told that the vehicle, the benz was stolen. >> reporter: they came out of the movie theater to find the green honda and five other cars seriously damaged in the parking lot of the union landing shopping mall. >> we are just waiting for the tow trucks to separate the car so we could leave, but because it is a crime scene they are taking their time. >> reporter: what they missed while in the theater was the frightening and demanding ending to a chase they say began with a carjacking in fremont. >> once the carjacking took place we had a description of the victim's vehicle and one of our officers did pick up the victim vehicle that was driven by the suspect which lead to this shopping center. >> reporter: when the chase reached the union landing parking lot, the stolen
deemed the city was saturated with permits. 170 businesses have full liquor licenses. >>> the sheriff's department is trying to figure out some remains that were found. it was found at the open space reserve. human bones were found two miles west of skyline boulevard and a hundred feet off a trail. some articles of clothing found in the area suggest the person was male. >>> cadaver dogs are searching the rubble of a massive explosion and fire in kansas city. it happened around dinner time in a popular entertainment district. 14 people were hurt and one critically. the blast destroyed a restaurant there and then burned for about an hour. authorities will continue to search for victims through the night. they believe this explosion was caused by a gas leak. >>> just days from a major budget deadline in washington, president obama will sit down for an exclusive interest view with dan ashley tomorrow. >> here is dan reporting tonight from the white house. >> carolyn and larry, good evening from washington where the clock is ticking. if they cannot come up with a budget deal in the next 10
that stretched for miles. xd pick up with a roe pulled one driver out of a jam in kansas city. national guard is patrolling highways to help rescue stranded drivers. storm killed at least 2 people and injured several more in accidents on these ice slush roadway. >> meanwhile here our weather has just been delightful. sandhya is checking for any changes in the forecast. live doppler 7 hd. >> there could be some minor changes as we head in the weekend right now i show you you live doppler 7hd and we have jaws few high cloud moving through the bay area. pretty harmless at this hour. as i show you live picture now from high definition across the bay here it's sparkling us a can see. visibility good. looking towards sutro towers and temperatures are falling rate now. 44 in santa rosa down to 41 in nap a.39 degrees in gilroy. we do have another chilly night ahead. show you where the temperatures are going to bottom out. make sure you grab a coat or sweater head out the door. it will be chilly. possibility of seeing drops as we head in the weekend coming up in just a few minutes. >> all
7hd not whole lot is happening but there is moisture coming. it's up to the north. crescent city eureka a light moderate rain falling right now. we have a winter weather advisory beginning at 4 a.m. for the sierra nevada lake county area running until 11:00 p.m. tuesday. expecting 6 to continue inches of snow over the mountains and snow level will be around 2000 that's where the winter weather advisory in effect. weighs lack from high definition roof top camera you can see a beautiful view of the bay bridge sparkling tonight. streets are dry there. the bay bridge is dry. temperatures in the mid 40's around novato santa cruz livermore 47 san francisco 49 degrees different vantage point from high definition camera. notice the shakey camera. getting gusty out there. higher terrain 20 to 30 miles an hour wind gust at this hour and the temperatures are falling at 40 in santa rosa. most other areas in the mid 40's. here is a lack at what is coming. and it is going to get wet for the morning rain arrives overnight. chance of thunder. snow possible down to
in the city. >> yes. >> some changes to our spring like weather in january. >> that we don't want to hear about. sandy is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> okay. if you don't want to hear bit don't worry i won't tell you until the end of my weather segment. changes that are coming that is. here's a look at live doppler 7hd low clouds off the coast line. pretty clear otherwise that's going to be changing. let me show you how reservoir are doing. kent lake 156 percent of average up in western marin county. san pablo 115 percent. san antonio reservoir 130. crystal springs above at 137 and lexington is at 250 percent of average so yes, january has been relatively dry for san francisco third driest on record since record keeping began. but we are lacking at the state department of water resources latest data and end of december storage so we are still doing fine in terms of our reservoir. chilly inland overnight. mild afternoon through monday and we lack at cooler days as we head into next week. here's pacific satellite picture. this is the area of high pressure that is going
. so they'll never be able to take away from the city of san francisco what way achieved here. two out of three. we want to make it three out of four. >> i think it's exciting to have a chance to play with the same group of guys we felt we had such a good chemistry, and everybody is going to continue to work hard and get better. >> it's good to have continuity. they know me. i know them. they know each other. and part of having a good club is playing well together, and these guys have done that and have a history of it. so bring them back. and makes it a lot easier. >> here we go again. let's head down the monterey peninsula, third round of the at&t national pro-am. last call for amateurs to make the cut. phil mickelson looking for his ball on 18, falls on his rear en. bill murray, his usual antics. and for the second straight year, murray will not play on sunday but goes down fighting after the long birdie on 10. and like all actors, ready for his closeup. that's a little too close. last year's fedex champ, brandt snedeker, finished second in the last two events, trying to break throu
. tonight highway 38 from big bear city to red lands is open only for those with identification. route 18 and other main roads in that area have reopened. >>> a memorial is set for tomorrow for the riverside police officer christopher dorner is accused of killing last week. governor brown will attend the service for michael crane. police say hoe was gunned down in an ambush last thursday. crane leaves behind a wife and two young children. he was 34 years old. we want to retrace this week long manhunt. it started on february 3rd when the daughter of the former lapd captain and her fiancee were shot to death in a parking garage in irvine. and then on wednesday a man matching dorner's description tried to steal a boat from a san diego marina. an 80-year-old man was tied up, but not injured. and then early in the morning in corona they chased a vehicle they believe to be dorner. a few minutes later a gunman believed to be dorner ambushed two riverside police officers and killing one officer and then critically injuring the other. later the same day, authorities found dorner's burned out pick
house outside carson city. for the past two months he took his rv to his parents' home in southern california, across to the atlanta area and then back. i caught up to him in his parents' neighborhood. >> i don't have a navy seal background. >> you told a lot of people that. >> no, i i did not. >> he gave a few blanket denials. the most pressing question is possession of guns on the promotional videos. he is a felon. records from riverside county show burglary, receiving stolen property and child concealing. the sheriff's office confirms they along with the fbi and the atf want to question him. the saga of aj dicken, phony navy seal resonates for those in the military. >> it is wrong. people put their lives on the line every day. when somebody fakes that, it is upsetting to anybody who has ever served. >> doctors are trying to move forward. they have a meeting set for next month to introduce their new security chief to the wsa. when dicken took off they found a treasure troeve of these including a navy seal team id and all of those awards. the silver star, the purple heart and the
tourists killed after hot air balloon crashed in the historic city of luxor. officials say there was a fire and explosion. the balloonq% fell and crashed into nearby sugar cain fields. unclear what led to the fire or if any survivors. 19 killed. tourist said to be from britain and france among other countries. >>> you might assume what store on the cell phone is private. but tonight a terrifying look at what can happen if that phone ends up in the wrong hands. vick lee has the exclusive story of woman whose life was turned upside down because of some compromising information thief threatened to reveal over the internet. >> i'm sure it's happening to someone writ now. they don't know whether to do it's scary thing. hopefully by me exposing this story they will know what to do and what not to doyshtion call her amanda. ask that we not use her real name. she's being blackmailed by the person who bought her stolen phone. last year on the night of december 29 amanda at kelly tavern in the marina district of san francisco. when she left, she noticed her new i phone was mission. 6 days
a chase through the city. sky 7hd followed the police pursuit near 86th avenue and olive street about 8:30. the suspects hoped out of the car and they took off running. the car was still rolling as police followed with guns drawn. police have not said what lead to the chase or if they have any suspects in custody. >>> relatives of two cyclists thought to be missing in peru were thought to talk to the couple tomorrow. they haven't been heard from for more than a month. their family went public with the concern they met with foul play, but today the government officials in peru announced they were found. abc7 news reporter john alston has the latest. >> reporter: they are alive and well according to peruvian authorities. the minister of foreign trade and tourism told abc7 news this afternoon that the couple was seen by an official of the national police examine local residence. >> so the three of them are going by boat. >> reporter: the oakland couple's latest excursion is a two-day trip on the napo river on the border with ecuador. >> we have been visiting very small villages in the jung
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